If you’re going to make a career out of working in a bike shop, it stands to reason that you’d better like looking at bikes. Lots of them. Every day. They’d better make your heart race a little bit faster. Make your pulse quicken. If you’re going to be a REALLY great bike shop employee you’d best be fairly well rounded in your tastes. If you work in a bike shop you’re going to see all kinds of bicycles from all decades and of every genre. Embrace them all. As the saying goes, “too many bikes, not enough time”.

Every year we see tons of really cool bikes. Some of them are rare. Some of them are unusual. Some of them are what we call “survivors”. Bikes that should have been used up long ago, but are still in fantastic condition. What follows is a sampling of what rolled through the door in the past year, and made us sit up and take notice…. for whatever reason.

That cromoly steel, blue Specialized Stumpjumper up there in the opening shot made me particularly weak in the knees. For two reasons. First off, it’s all original. Secondly, it showed up at the very start of the year. Talk about a potentially good omen for things to come! This bike has remarkably low mileage, hence its pure originality. It wears grey Umma Gumma tires, which was a series of tires that were developed by Specialized to be stickier than normal rubber. There’s a matching grey saddle with a longer nose, designed so that you could scoot forward on longer climbs to pin the front end of the bike down. Shimano XT drivetrain. Those Specialized resin toe clips were the best ones you could buy.  The bike is long and low, just look at that stem. This was the hot race setup of the day.


Here’s an aluminum Stumpjumper that came in. Check out the long stem and those Manitou forks. This one would be a good candidate for a restoration since the paint is in nice shape.


Here’s one that I couldn’t believe that I was actually standing in the presence of. This is a completely all original Amp Research dual suspension bike. The fork was designed by a suspension pioneer named Horst Lietner. The amount of aluminum machining on this bike makes your eyes ache. Check out the super rare Bullet Bros chain tension arm behind the rear derailleur (go ahead and Google it). RaceFace Turbine LP cranks. This was a mountain bikers dream, and way out of reach price wise.


The Amps fork linkages. Art work.


Who doesn’t love the buttery smooth, almost non-existent welds of Gary Kleins aluminum frames? This Attitude Comp was modestly built with some cool components that weren’t over the top.


Here’s a fantastic Cannondale F1000 that ticked all of the boxes. Headshok fork. Top end components including Cannondales own Coda cranks wherein the arms, spider and chainrings are made from a single piece of aluminum. Smooth double passed welds and a polished natural finish.


It wasn’t all mountain bikes either. We loved this modern carbon Bianchi because it’s A) a Bianchi, B) it’s Italian and C) it’s celeste green.


Just to give the French their due, here’s a beautiful little Peugeot randonneur bike in candy apple red. Completely original and from the ’70s, this little survivor has all of the extra trim, including rubber brake lever covers and a factory installed dynamo lighting set and carrier rack. It just needs the pump to be found…..


…. along with some light TLC.


Rounding everything out is a vintage American entry. This is a Schwinn Starlett III ladies roadster. Where to begin? It’s all original. It has a fantastic porteur rack on the front that can either carry cargo on its own, or lend extra support to a fully laden basket.


The Schwinn emblazoned, two tone seat is a blast from the past. Everything was automobile influenced back then and the “tailfins and taillights” design of the rear carrier rack goes to show this as true.


The coolest part? It’s a gas tank inspired electric horn. Press the button and impress your friends. And yes, it worked.

That’s a sampling of some of the bikes that were a little out of the ordinary and managed to make us smile. It’s now a whole new year. I wonder what the cat has in store for us this time…..