Mr Jay Hoots. Local Brantford boy, doing good….

Dreams eventually become reality. They really do. Ask any one of Brantford’s older local BMXers. I’m referring to the guys from the 80’s and 90’s, now a little soft around the middle, most of them dads. Guys who used to eat, sleep and breath BMX. Guys who used to dream about getting rad. BMX Action. BMX Plus! All of the time. I happen to be one of them.

If you skateboarded you dreamed about the remote possibility of a local skateboard park. (Decades later, our city received one.) If you were into BMX you could only wish that you’d wake up one day and a genuine sanctioned BMX facility would appear. That’s all it ever came to be. Dreams and wishes.

This lefthand run will be completed in the spring.

Until now! What seems like eons later, dream time is over. This fair city of ours now has what many of us have waited a good majority of our lives for. A state of the art bike park. It’s been a very long time coming.

Buttery smooth and ready to hit! Tickle those leaves.

Thanks to the vision of another Brantford son, Jay Hoots, and his team of hard working park builders, we at the Brantford Cyclepath are beyond stoked to announce the arrival of The Brantford Rotary Bike Park. This dirt playground features pump tracks, many levels of dirt jumps and rhythm sections as well as a wooden trials style area. The beautiful feature of our new park is that everyone, from the smallest rider on a tiny run bike to the seasoned dirt jumper, will be able to adopt this slice of heaven as their new home.

Part of the super fun wooden section.

We’re looking forward to watching the talents of the local riders increase as they work their way up through the various levels of the park’s features. It’s a fantastic way for parents to support their kids and help them to attain more advanced skill sets as time goes forward. It really is a family affair.┬áMom and dad can drop the kids off at the park and ride their own mountain bikes around the various trails that surround the area or try their hand at riding the wooden trail features within the park. It’s fun for everyone.

You’ll be seeing lots of this….

We’d like to give a heartfelt THANKYOU to Jay Hoots and his team of builders, the Brantford Cycling Club, the city officials that helped to make it happen, the local businesses that generously donated monies and building materials, and the local volunteers that helped with the construction. Lastly we’d like to give a huge high five to the enthusiasm of everyone who has waited patiently for this park to become a reality.

“Do you know where your children are?” We do!

Grab your helmet and your bike and explore everything the park has to offer. We’ll see you down there! (thanks to Philip for the use of his park photos)