Ralphie knows the benefits of a well thought out list

“I want an official carbon fiber, dual suspension, XTR mountain bike with a compass on the stem.”

“Kid…. you’ll blow your knees out….”

scott farkus
Haters gotta hate….

Christmas as a cyclist. What to ask for? Christmas with a cyclist on your list. What to buy them? It doesn’t have to be difficult. It doesn’t have to be budget breaking either. Fact is, most of the really useful gift ideas can also be the most affordable. We’ve been around this block more than a few times. Here’s a quick list of good gifts that will be well used and won’t break the bank.

Heads AND tails are what we need

Lights. Probably the most popular gift for obvious reasons. They keep your resident cyclist safe at night. Compared to a decade ago, even the most basic head or tail light is very powerful and energy efficient. Most of them are USB chargeable.

The end of pedalling empty kilometers

Cycle computers. These easily rival lighting as a popular gift choice. It’s nice to know how far you’ve ridden in a year or how far that favorite ride really is. Need more information? You can also use a GPS made for bicycles. For the person who owns multiple bikes, this is a really good choice since it is dependant on satellites, not wheel diameters.

lobster claws
Worth their weight in gold

Gloves and other cold weather gear. As the saying goes, “there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.” Whether you train all year round or prefer to commute by bike instead of car, proper clothing for cold weather cycling really makes the task much much easier. From balaclavas and beanies, to microfleeced jerseys and tights, to gloves, socks and booties. It’s all designed to make undesirable weather more tolerable.

A tool for every situation

Bike tools. If you ride your bike, eventually it will need to be worked on. One thing about bicycle tools. If you use them, they wear down. Everyone can use a second Y wrench or fresh chain breaker.

Happy because he can repair it

Pumps. Flat tires happen. If you need a pump and you don’t have one, it’s time to do the hike a bike. Here’s hoping that you aren’t too deep in the woods. Pumps come in two types. Floor pumps and portable frame pumps. Logic dictates that if you use a floor pump at home before you head out, your tires will be harder and therefore more puncture resistant. Taking a smaller portable pump with you allows you to avoid having to walk at all….

Small but mighty

….provided you have one of these or a patch kit with you. There aren’t many cyclists out there that couldn’t use a few of these on the garage shelf. The ultimate stocking stuffer!

Once you have one you’ll use it all the time

Bells. Another great stocking stuffer. They’re handy and they’re actually required by law. This is a great allowance priced gift to give “from the kids”.

It’s good to own a few

Water bottles. These get really old after a time and it’s a good idea to replace them periodically. Just a simple item that every cyclist needs on every ride they do. Fill them with their favorite candy or nuts and tie a ribbon around the neck to add some pizzazz. Easy peasy.

Everything but the kitchen sink

If you have a mountainbiker on your list, Camelbaks carry lots more water as well as food and tools.

Yes, you can!

Unicycle! It’s on the list of things that you just have to do. We sell quite a few unicycles and everyone does learn to ride them. It’s loads of fun and ups your cycling repertoire to star status!

gift card
A good alternative

When all else fails there’s always a gift card. It’s the right size! It’s the right color! It’s sure to get used! It’s better than a can of Simonize!

Christmas and bikes go hand in hand